Free shipping 10ml PET child-proof empty e-liquid bottles(100pcs)
The 10ml empty plastic bottle is used variously, especially for e-cigarette liquid. Offer PET empty E-liquid bottles with childproof caps. It is your e liquid bottles perfect choice.

1. Free shipping for 10ml PET empty e liquid bottles to everycountry in the world. We only cover Hongkong post or Mainland post.

2. Good quality PET child-proof empty e liquid bottles for holding e-juice or e-liquid or flavour. if you want to order bigger E-liquid bottle, you can choose 30ml PET childproof empty e liquid bottle.

3.100% QS food and drug safety authentication

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Shipping weight:1kg
Material: PET,hard and transparent.
Caps:: child-proof
Cap color: white/blue/green/orange
Packaging: simple